What's On

Thursday 1 February, 8pm, €18/€16 conc.

Drinking in America

presented by Bottom Dog Theatre Company

Suitable for ages 14+
Duration 75 mins

The Irish premiere of this powerful and hilarious American play features well-known actor Liam O’Brien, (Emmerdale/Fair City) playing 11 distinct roles.

As a grasping show-biz hustler, a latter-day Willy Loman and a wise-cracking ghetto junkie, O’Brien presents the most challenging work of his career which has toured worldwide. Accompanied on stage by Choice prize nominated musician Steve Ryan, the show has played to consecutive standing ovations nationwide in 2017.

Post show discussion with Liam O’Brien

Tuesday 6 & Wednesday 7 February, 8pm, €18/€16 conc.

If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You

The debut play by Clare playwright John O’Donovan

Suitable for ages 16+
Duration 70 minutes

The award-winning If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You is a play of small dreams and big hopes. John O’Donovan’s working-class love story explores the ways people find love and kindness, even when oppression kicks them from all angles. Loveable tearaways Mikey and Casey are stuck on a roof. As they wait for the Guards to stop circling the house, they find that there are some truths you can't climb down from. Set twenty feet up, this raucous romantic drama follows two young men as they smoke, drink and snort their way towards discovering love.

If We Got Some More Cocaine… is about going down roads not laid for you, climbing ladders that weren’t set out for you, never asking permission, and trying not to end up so thick-skinned that you forget how to see the good in things. Writer John O’Donovan comments, I loved imagining my hometown of Ennis from that rooftop angle. Just thinking about the town and the places I used to wander around, but seen from above. It seemed significant to me that these characters that many see as lowlifes were being raised up, and from there could see further than most but now had no way of accessing the paths they could see. That seemed to me a good metaphor for what it was like to grow up poor, to always be at risk of being left behind by people who can routinely afford to go on to better things. You see them succeeding, but you’ve no idea how to get going on the path they took.

John O’Donovan is a playwright from Clarecastle, Co. Clare. After studying at St Flannan's College and UCD, his work has been read and staged in Ireland by Druid Theatre, the Abbey Theatre and the Irish Drama League as well as in the UK at the Old Vic, the Old Red Lion, New Diorama, Southwark Playhouse, Theatre503 and the Arcola Theatre. A former member of the the Abbey Theatre Playwrights Hub, the Old Vic 12, Orange Tree Writers Collective and the Royal Court Young Writers Programme, he has had stories, plays and poems published in the Clare Champion, Verbal Arts Magazine, Crannóg and Bare Fiction. In 2017 he won the IARA award for Best Playwright. His debut play, If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You is published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.

Post show discussion with John O'Donovan on Tuesday 6th February, chaired by Mark O'Halloran

Wednesday 4 April, 8pm, €18/€16 conc.

Under the Bed

presented by Big Guerilla Productions

Cast: Seamus O’Rourke & Arthur Riordan
Directed by Bairbre Ni Chaoimh

Seamus O’Rourke once again brings us a story full of heartache and humour, as a pair of aging, rural, bachelor brothers arrive at a point in their lives, where decisions have to be made about certain things… well the buying of a television for one… and one subject leads to another and the next thing, they’re bringing up all kinds of ‘auld shite’ that could have been left under the bed along with everything else.
Eugene McPartland is woken by his brother Pat in the middle of the night in 1979. Not only does Pat wake him, but he has his good suit on him too… and a light on in the bedroom and another on the landing… and as well as burning up the electric, he now wants to talk…

Followed by a post-show discussion after the show with Members of the Company

Age guideline: 12+
Duration: 85 minutes

Friday 13 April, 8pm, €16/€14 conc

Maz and Bricks

presented by Fishamble: The New Play Company

Written by Eva O'Connor
Directed by Jim Culleton
Cast: Eva O'Connor & Stephen Jones

Fishamble’s Maz and Bricks tells the story of two young people who meet over the course of a day in Dublin. Maz is attending a ‘Repeal the 8th’ demonstration, while Bricks is going to meet the mother of his young daughter. As the day unfolds, the two become unlikely friends, changing each other in ways they never thought possible.

Duration: 80 mins
Age suitability: 14+
Followed by a post-show discussion

Thursday 19 April, 8pm, €16/€14 conc.

Mother (and me)

presented by Geva Theatre/Emotional Management

Written and performed by Melinda Buckley
Suitable for age 13+
Duration 75 mins

Mother (and me) is a heartfelt and hilarious story about the complex relationships between mothers and daughters.

Melinda, an ex-Broadway dancer is finally married…at 45! She’s more than ready to settle into life with her new Wall St. husband when a phone call from her brother sounds the alarm, ‘something is up with Mom.’ Ilene or ‘Attila the Hun-garian,’ as Melinda calls her has always been a handful but now, she’s off the charts-- and the role reversal ride no child wants to get on, is about to begin! Direct from New York City, this award winning show begs the question: How do you parent an over the top parent?

A funny and touching one woman show about stepping up and finding your own light.

Post-show discussion with writer/performer Melinda Buckley

Thursday 3 May, 8pm, €16/€14 conc.

Merry.go.round by Maria Nilsson Waller

presented by Dance Limerick

Merry.go.round is the latest and final piece in Maria Nilsson Waller’s triptych based on unclaimed territories. The dance work looks beyond our world into the great vast blackness of the cosmos in order to examine our most human of concerns: the search for true love and what it is we call home. In this otherworldly realm of celestial bodies five characters orbit each other. Some are destined to converge, others to split apart. They all long for authentic connections in a world where every man is an island. Caught between construction and deconstruction it is a marvel universe both beautifully simple and incredible messy.

Rebel Swedish jazz band Je Suis!, NASA recordings of the solar system and iconic opera music all feature as part of the eclectic soundtrack. Strange yet familiar, with a touch of cinematic sci-fi, merry.go.round is never the same twice.

Duration 45 mins

Friday 11 May, 8pm, €16/€14 conc.

No Smoke Without Fire

A comic drama by Paddy Murray, full of sharp Dublin wit, the story of Larry, the cash, the camper van and the deceased husband. Starring acclaimed actress, Mary Murray (Love/Hate).

If ever there was an actor you wanted to see more of, it’s Mary Murray. On stage she has always had a magnetic focus, a presence somewhere between no-nonsense control and a shiver of vulnerability... An actor of tremendous physical versatility and wit.’ - Irish Times

Duration 60 mins