What's On

Friday 3 - Thursday 30 April, free of charge,

A Journey With Metal: Contemporary Work By Jane Murtagh

Jane lives and works from a farm on the North bank of the Shannon Estuary.  She has been developing a visual language combining contemporary practices and sensibilities with ancient techniques in metalworking - casting, repoussé, etching, patination and gilding.

Man-made and natural features in the surrounding landscape have informed much of her recent work. She has a particular interest in the interpretation of this landscape by 17th and 18th century cartographers.  Another area of study has been the work of a number of Irish explorer botanists of the 19th century and in particular Augustine Henry. Plants identified and brought back to Ireland by this plantsman have evoked images that she translates into metal.

Monday 27 & Tuesday 28 April, 7.30pm, €12/€10 conc.

Dance Fusion 2015

presented by BreakThrough Dance Company

Sit back and enjoy a variety of contemporary, commercial and ballet dance as the students take to the stage. An evening for all the family to enjoy.

Term starting Tuesday 28 April,

Kindermusik Baby & Toddler Class with Anita - April 2015 term

For ages newborn to 3.5 year olds

Bond with your child as you play, sing, dance (no talent required!), and giggle together. Your child will learn and grow through activities that stimulate brain growth, build motor skills, enhance social-emotional development, and much more.

Parents know instinctively what scientists have proven: young children thrive on music. All over the world, parents bond with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movement. They rock and swing their children, put them to sleep with lullabies, make them laugh with nursery rhymes. Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted music movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. 

Digital home material: 
Music downloads: All of the songs, rhymes, stories and sounds from class are easy to download and add to your music collection.  Monthly literature book is included in e-book format, with pages you can turn yourself, and a page-by-page audio read-aloud that you can turn on or off.  Activity buttons take you to a variety of different activity types, including dance and movement instructions, fingerplay demonstrations and instructions, together-in-the-kitchen activities, music time, listening games, vocal play activities, video field trips, find-it/count-it style activities, ideas for pretend play, and more.

Term details, dates & prices available here.

For more information or to book, contact Anita directly:
Mobile:   089 983 7551
Email:    kindermusikwithanita@gmail.com

Wednesday 29 April, 8pm, €8

Apples of the Golan

with Q&A afterwards with Directors Keith Walsh and Jill Beardsworth

This Irish Made Documentary film tells the story of  Majdal Shams, one of five remaining Arab villages in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Before the occupation there were 139 such villages, which have now mostly been destroyed. Over 130,000 Syrian Arabs were forced from their homes never to return. Families that were separated at the time remain so. Cut off from their homeland since the events of the Six Day War, the villagers fight to maintain their national identity amid political uncertainty, border disputes and the Syrian Civil War.

An impenetrable ceasefire line patrolled by the UN divides the two warring countries. The eastern edge of the village now touches this ceasefire line where a barbed wire fence separates lovers, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. Syrian soil is just out of reach, although it is a lifetime from their grasp. Separated families shout greetings to each other across the minefield dividing them. Loss and separation echo in the valley between the hills of two lands that once were one, the threat of war hanging on the horizon, closely monitored by watchtowers. 23 people are shot dead trying to cross back to their homeland. Every day is marked by the struggle to adapt and survive.

A patriotic old man tries to educate his grandchildren about the president Bashar al Assad while in school they are taught about Moses. Borders, mines and army areas corral a shepherds roaming with his herd. His only way is west. A daughter fights to cross the ceasefire line to attend the funeral of her father in Syria. Torture and solitary confinement breaks the heart of a lover. A bride crosses through a minefield to meet her groom. She will say goodbye to her family forever.

Thursday 30 April, 8pm, €12.50/€10 child/conc./€40 Family (2 adult + 2 children)

Vardens Ennis Guitar School End of Year Concert

Vardens Ennis Guitar School are proud to present their annual end of year concert, showcasing our students of all ages playing guitar, piano/keyboards and singing. Our students have worked hard all year and now they want to show you what they can do. In styles such as pop, rock, blues, and many more, this is sure to be an entertaining evening that you won’t want to miss. You’ll be singing all the way home!

Friday 1 & Saturday 2 May, 8pm, €20/€18 conc.
2 course supper, 6.30pm, €16.50

It’s The Real McCoy

presented by The Crokey Hill Players Group

Back by popular demand.

Brace yourself for a night of unforgettable Irish comedy as ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ takes you on a two-hour rollercoaster of fun and laughter!

Set in rural Ireland in 1964 this production tells the story of Madge Molloy who has lived over forty years of her life wondering why her husband Tom – whom she was married to for just four months – disappeared without trace or reason.  The arrival of a new curate to the parish is about to reveal the circumstances behind Tom’s hasty exit and his wish to return to Madge to explain his situation.  What unfolds really has to be seen to be believed. 

Packed with hilarious one-liners, a gormless postman, a nervous curate, a frustrated wife, a worried husband, a timid daughter and Ireland’s two nosiest neighbours ‘It’s the Real McCoy’ will have you in tears of laughter all night long.  The question is will there be a happy ending?

Nolan & Lambe @ glór will be open on the evening and you can opt for a 2 course supper before the event for just €16.50.  This may be booked with box office directly on online here.

Monday 3 May, 1pm & 5pm, €12/€10 conc./€40 family of 4

Eclipse Stage School

Shannon based Eclipse Stage School present their annual Showcase for 2015.  With over 150 children performing ranging in ages from 5 – 16 years this promises to be another great showcase of talent from Shannon and the surrounding areas.

Junior groups will present,” Goldilocks and The Three Bears” and “The Three Little Pigs” at the 1pm show and “The Sleeping Beauty” at the 5pm show.  Senior Classes will perform excerpts from Legally Blonde at both shows.

Wednesday 6 - Friday 29 May, free of charge

Embrace Exhibition 2015

with Clare Arts Office

The Embrace Programme present a special exhibition of creative work produced by people with disabilities from throughout the county.

With a launch concert on May 6.

Thursday 7 May, 2pm, free of charge

Hats Off To Clare

presented by Clare Arts Office as part of Bealtaine Festival

This one man show performed by Gerard Howard and written and directed by Paul Brennan is based on a hilarious and surreal romp through time with some of Clare’s most famous characters – real and fictional – and how they might have interacted had they ever met.  Pile them all into the West Clare Railway and see where they end up!  What will Mr de Valera make of Percy French?  And how will the famous clown Johnny Patterson and submarine inventor John Phillip Holland get on?

Friday 8 May, 8pm, €20

Kilfenora Céilí Band

The legendary Kilfenora Céilí Band released their latest album “Now Is The Hour” on 13 March 2015 along with lead single “My Heart’s Tonight In Ireland”. The launch coincides with their pulsating new tour which is set to showcase a musical gear-change with Lunasa’s Kevin Crawford on production duties for the second time with the band.

With tunes forged out of raw native dance riffs from the Burren hills, the century-long odyssey of the Kilfenora is picking up pace. 2015 is set to be an exciting time for the powerful 13-member supergroup and for their audiences!

As expected, this iconic troupe is kicking on with a more contemporary sound. Artistic tension between the rich dance music heritage and their big new soundscape has added spice to their large-scale theatre spectacle complete with pile-driving rhythms, slick dancers and the talented Don Stiffe on vocals.

After 105 years in the business the world-renowned Kilfenora Céilí Band are seen by many afficianadoes as the quintessential Irish céilí band. Their core repertoire of dance music, puntuated with an incomparable lift and rhythm, defines an unbroken tradition that dates from the beginning of the twentieth century. Despite this link with the past, their recent recordings and concert performances point to a broadening of the perceived boundaries of their genre. Collaborations with a diverse range of song and dance artists, experimentation with repertoire outside of the dance domain and complex harmonic arrangements speak to an ensemble who are pioneering new and exciting performance contexts for the céilí band genre. While acknowledging and incorporating the past, the Kilfenora thrives on creativity and innovation.

The band has travelled extensively, visiting Britain, Northern Ireland, Europe and the U.S. They have performed at Glastonbury twice and in 2009 headlined on the Acoustic Stage. The band has also performed concerts in Milwaukee, Lincoln Centre New York, Ireland’s National Concert Hall and Cork Opera House to name but a few.

The Kilfenora features fiddles, bass, cello, flutes, banjo, concertina and accordion, with what "Folk Roots" magazine called "one of the tightest rhythm sections in the world".

“Fantastic, feel-good, happy, lively music.  Irish music lovers all over the world are going to absolutely cherish this album”.  Sharon Shannon

Early booking strongly advised.

Saturday 9 May, 7.30pm, €10

Gospel Rising Music Festival Gala Concert

As part of the Gospel Rising Music Festival in Ennis, on the weekend of 8th-10th May 2015, glór will host the Saturday night Gala Concert.

Many different gospel choirs from around Ireland will fill the stage to perform their favourite gospel songs in front of their peers and the people of Clare. The night promises to expose you to many gospel songs you already know, and some which you will have never heard before, this is the wonder of the Gospel Rising Music Festival, a chance for everyone to hear what gospel choirs from all over the country are doing. A chance to realise there are many different styles of gospel choir music in Ireland, and unique versions of songs that you will only hear all together in one place, at the Gospel Rising Music Festival.

The Gospel Rising Music Festival is a fun, energetic and inclusive event which calls on all music lovers who are interested in this growing genre of music in Ireland. The festival is on all weekend in Ennis and gives attendees the chance to get that inside look and feel on what happens when you are 'in the choir'.

The festival consists of a series of workshops with big and small groups, these cover choir harmony singing in gospel styles, different solo singing styles and levels, choreography and big group singing. The festival also includes numerous gigs like this one in glór, all of which are included in the Weekend Festival Ticket available on www.gospelrising.com

Monday 11 & Tuesday 12 May, 7.30pm, €13/€11 conc.

Working With Beauty and the Beast

presented by Ennis Academy for the Performing Arts

This much-loved story, packed with great songs, magical characters and lavish dance routines, has won the hearts of millions, both young and old, throughout the world.  The Ennis Academy for the Performing Arts are putting their magical touch to this all-time favourite and guarantees a great night’s entertainment for children of all ages.  Many wonderful excerpts from  other hit shows will also be included in the evening.  This is a great opportunity to bring the kids along  to experience the magic of real live theatre.


Thursday 14 May, 2pm, €10/€10 students/Teachers Free
Thursday 14 May, 8pm, €16/€14 conc.
2 course supper, 6.30pm, €16.50

The Man in the Woman’s Shoes

A one man show written and performed by Mikel Murfi and presented by Loco and Reckless Productions

It’s October 1978. Pope John Paul the First is not long dead, autumn is closing in and Pat Farnon has ‘some business’ to do in town. The story follows  Pat Farnon as he walks the 5 miles from his wee white cottage to town and back again and the marvels that he meets along the way. It’s a charming encounter - an ageing man still with a boundless enthusiasm for life. Hilariously funny, tender and at times downright daft. 

  • Shortlisted for the Irish Times theatre Awards 2013 in the category of Best New Play.
  • Shortlisted for the 2013 Stewart Parker Trust Award for Best First Play.
  • Winner of the Stewart Parker/ BBC Northern Ireland Radio Drama Award 2013.

Nolan & Lambe @ glór will be open on the evening and you can opt for a 2 course supper before the event for just €16.50.  This may be booked with box office directly on online here.

Actor Gabriel Byrne said, upon seeing the play in New York in March 2015:
"I absolutely loved the play and Mikel's performance. There is such humanity, compassion, humour and wisdom in it and he has found the universal in the local. We live in an ageist culture which doesn't value the elderly ( who in a way are made mute through our indifference ) yet worships at the altar of vacuous youth.

When old people die their stories and life experiences die with them - we should be out recording in every town and village the way Seamus Ennis collected music - there is no such thing as an ordinary life. All lives are extraordinary.

Mikel illustrates that by giving voice and honouring a man we might pass on the road and judge superficially.
Its a privilege to witness such work. It will stay with me in the way that the best theatre does."

Saturday 16 May, Ages 10 - 12, 11am - 12.30pm,
Saturday 16 May, Adults, 1.30pm -3pm, €10 (all materials included)

The Big Draw @ glór - with Hazel Walker

as part of National Drawing Day

A drawing  workshop exploring ways and means of  drawing and  what is possible when we draw the line….a  range of materials and methods will be explored, from scribble drawings to large ink and egg yolk drawings and everything in between. No matter whether the last drawing you made was a map of how  to get  to glór, for drawing can be a daily discovery for everyone! 

Suitable for all.

Hazel Walker is visual artist living in Co. Clare. She studied at Edinburgh College of Art and Wimbledon School of Art where she specialised in drawing, completing an MA in Drawing in 2000.  She has worked in a wide variety of art projects, taught classes and workshops both here and in Scotland.  She currently teaches at GMIT Galway and Castlebar.

Saturday 16 May, 8pm, €28
2 course supper, 6.30pm, €16.50

Pat Shortt: Selfie

The irrepressible Pat Shortt is back on a nationwide tour with stories and gimmicks that only Pat Shortt could come up with.  His new show, Selfie, tells the tales of a singing undertaker Mossey Burke along with a host of new characters as he recounts his favourite funeral. A funeral that was nearly the death of him and changed his life forever!

While his unique, comedic but somewhat universal look at everyday Irish life has cemented his place in the public hearts, along with that his work on stage and screen over the last decade have proved him to be an enduring, versatile and award winning talent. His most recent theatre role of Johnnypateenmike in the West End production of ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ alongside Sarah Greene and Daniel Radcliffe was a renowned success that subsequently transferred to Broadway in New York.

Pat’s new show is an entertaining throwback similar to that to the days of D’Unbelievables! In a quirky and humorous way Pat brings us on a journey with his new character Mossey Burke and the chaos that can happen around an Irish funeral that any and all can relate to.  Through laughs and punch-lines and hilarious one-liners Pat performs a myriad of truly Irish comedic scenarios that no matter what part of the country you are from you will have seen or heard of first hand!

Nolan & Lambe @ glór will be open on the evening and you can opt for a 2 course supper before the event for just €16.50.  This may be booked with box office directly on online here.

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 May, 7.30pm, €15/€10 children

Hansel and Gretel

presented by The Dinan School of Ballet

A delightful show for all the family, loosely based on the traditional fairy tale. With a great mix of dance styles, an eclectic musical score, creative choreography and a cast of talented dancers, this promises to be a very entertaining and enjoyable show.

Thursday 21 May, 7pm, €12/€10 conc./€35 family of 4

Shoot for the Stars

presented by Broadway Dance Recital

This show brings together our three dance schools from Doolin and Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare and Kinvara, Co. Galway.  We will showcase all styles of dance, ranging from jazz, tap, ballet, hiphop, musical theatre and contemporary. 

A family friendly show to guaranteed to entertain all ages.  You will be dancing in you seats to all the well-known pop hits and music throughout the decades.

Friday 22 May, 8pm, €15

Pipers Union in concert, with Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh

as part of Fleadh Nua 2015

Pipers Union, comprising David Power, Ciarán Somers and their old friend Dónal Clancy, is a tight-knit trio, incorporating traditional and contemporary styles to deliver rousing ballads, soft love songs, lively dance tunes and haunting airs.

Award-winning musicians in their own right, Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh are quickly becoming one of the foremost duets in Ireland today. Their music & dance is rooted in the tradition; full of spirit, soul and life. Together on fiddle, concertina and dance, they breathe fire into traditional tunes - not to be missed!

Saturday 23 May, 8pm, €15

Seán Ó Sé and the Turloughmore Céilí Band

as part of Fleadh Nua 2015

Fleadh Nua will honour the legendary singer Seán Ó Sé on this special night. Seán, a native of Bantry, Co. Cork has an instantly recognisable voice and his performance of 'An Poc ar Buille' in the early 1960's established his reputation as a well known singer.
Seán performed with Seán Ó Riada and Ceoltóirí Chualann until Ó Riada's untimely death in 1971. Over the years he has toured and recorded extensively, including a recording with the Turloughmore Céilí Band.

Sunday 24 May, 8pm, €5

‘Maestro’ - the music of Bobby Casey

as part of Fleadh Nua 2015

In 1969 and 1970, Séamus Mac Mathúna recorded the legendary West Clare fiddle player, Bobby Casey, in London. These invaluable recordings are part of the Comhaltas Archive. A CD of many of these recordings has been produced by the Cois na hAbhna Archive and will be launched at Fleadh Nua, when many musicians, including friends who played with Bobby, will perform and pay tribute to one of Clare's greatest musicians.

Tuesday 26 May, 7.30pm, €11.50 Adult/€7 Child/€38 Family 5/ €32 Family 4 (2 Adults, 2 Children)

Sparks School of Dance

Sparks Dance School was created about 17 years ago by Lourdes O’Donoghue and is the longest running and most successful modern dance school in Clare. The show is great value and is always sure to be a great family night out.

Wednesday 27 May, 8pm, €23
2 course supper, 6.30pm, €16.50

Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes

Albert Lee, by common consent one of the world’s finest guitar-players, needs no introduction to Country Music & Rock fans. He has worked with some of the world's top artists, from Emmylou Harris to the Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton to Eric Clapton. Albert and the band play Country Rock as a broad term. Albert is double Grammy award winning musician, whose talents continue to be in demand.

He is joined by Gerry Hogan, Peter Baron and Dona Oxford. This multi-talented band features some of the top musicians in the UK.  Hogan's Heroes was formed by their namesake Gerry Hogan almost 30 years ago, specifically to back Albert. Their first gig took place in 1987 at Gerry’s annual festival for pedal steel guitar. They have played together on a regular basis since that time, and as a result have become one of the tightest units in music.

Nolan & Lambe @ glór will be open on the evening and you can opt for a 2 course supper before the event for just €16.50.  This may be booked with box office directly on online here.

Wednesday 27 May in the glór studio, 6.30pm - 7.30pm, Free of charge

The Poetry Collective

present the MUXZ SESSIONZ

The Poetry Collective (previously The Three Legged Stool Poets) are a collective of poets living and performing in Ireland’s Midwest based in and around Ennis. They have been writing, publishing, recording, filming and performing poetry for 15 years and have produced impressive first collections of poetry such as’ Spirit Store’ by Arthur Watson, ‘Image and Likeness’ by Brian Mooney, ‘Voices of Clare’ by a selection of Clare Poets, ’Reality the Graveyard of Dreams’ by Brendan O Byrne, ‘Parting’ by Patrick Stack as well as Poetry Broadsheets, Calendars and Pamphlets.

In a new and challenging development the poetz, friends and audience will be working together in a more dynamic manner, using structured and partially rehearsed improvisations to investigate and express some fundamental human experiences.  They like to call these events a MUXZ. Sounds sexy like fluxz, tastes like bixz, and looks like mixz! As Poetz we seem endlessly compelled to give things names (sonnet, villanelle, haiku, Limerick etc )so we thought we’d better give this ‘form’ a name for something nameless and essentially indefinable until you’ve participated soooo…Come and experienze it.

These performances will represent spontaneous, improvised poetic explorations of universal themes involving combinations of sound, movement, music, art, costume and the spoken word….a MUXZ.

All Welcome  |  www.clarepoets.com

Thursday 28 May, 8pm, €16/€14 conc.
2 course supper, 6.30pm, €16.50

The Games People Play

with Aonghus óg McAnally & Lorna Quinn

Winner of Best New Play at the Irish Times Theatre Awards and the sell-out success of Dublin Fringe Festival, Rise Productions brings us The Games People Play, the follow-up to their international smash hit Fight Night. Described as “THE state of the nation play for the negative equity generation,” this is a radical re-working of the Tír na nÓg myth. Niamh and Oisín were sold the dream – the house, the life, the kids. But what do you do when everything you ever dreamed of still isn’t enough? The mounting pressure of balancing family and career takes its toll, and one night a series of games starts to escalate, threatening to unravel their suburban paradise. Gripping family drama meets epic Celtic mythology, presented in the trademark ‘Theatre Strong Style’ of Rise Productions.

“Riveting... both a timeless story about two people lost inside a marriage, and a very contemporary Irish horror story of debt, desire and emigration. ★★★★”
– Irish Theatre Magazine

“A sharp, contemporary joy... a genuinely accomplished and imaginative take on post-boom family destruction... An intense, convincing picture of a contemporary marriage, played extremely well by Lorna Quinn as Niamh, and absolutely superbly by Aonghus Óg McAnally as Oisin.”
– Sunday Independent

“Sincere in intent and acted with conviction”
– The Irish Times

Nolan & Lambe @ glór will be open on the evening and you can opt for a 2 course supper before the event for just €16.50.  This may be booked with box office directly on online here.

Sunday 31st May, 7.30pm, €12.50/€10 children

Ceol na nÓg

presented by Bríd O'Donohue's Music School, Miltown Malbay

An evening of Traditional Irish Music, song and dance from the pupils of Ceol na nÓg Music School with performances also from Bríd and her family - Seán (flute), Eibhlís (uilleann pipes), Deirdre (harp), Liam (concertina) and Sinéad O'Brien (fiddle).

Thursday 4 June, 8pm, €20/€18 conc.

Tom Crean – Antarctic Explorer

Written and Performed by Aidan Dooley

Tom Crean, the intrepid Antarctic explorer and one of Ireland’s unsung heroes, is brought to life in this dramatic and humorous solo performance by Aidan Dooley.

Hear the riveting true stories of Crean’s Antarctic explorations as one of the few men to serve with both Scott and Shackleton and survive the three famous expeditions.  Crean’s story is a testament of human fortitude against all the elements of the Antarctic, his 36 mile, solitary trek to base camp during the Terra Nova expedition to rescue his comrades Teddy Evans and William Lashly has been described by Antarctic historians as “the finest feat of individual heroism from the entire age of exploration”. He was subsequently awarded the Albert Medal for his bravery.

This multi-award winning show has now played critically acclaimed sell-out performances throughout Ireland, USA, Australia, Europe and the UK.

“a remarkable and uplifting piece of theatre, gives everything and asks nothing.” 
Emer O’Kelly, Sunday Independent

“You will go to then end of the earth to find theatre this rewarding"
Murray Bramwell, The Australian

Friday 5 June, 8pm, €18

Soweto Spiritual Singers

Soweto Spiritual Singer’s performance style comes from the South African a capella gospel tradition. At the heart of their shows are Zulu songs, full of rhythm, style and spirit.  Fresh sounds, inspirational harmonies and fabulous dance make this an irresistible performance expressing the spirit of Africa. An infectiously feel-good experience for all ages.

With their unique all singing, all dancing performances the choir completely captivate; by the end audiences are left breathless, often deeply moved.Their music is truly inspirational, a shout of joy, a towering onslaught of exuberance with earthy rhythms, rich harmonies to uplift the soul. A truly ultimate spiritual experience. Performed at the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup Opening Ceremony in Johannesburg to the cheers of billion people around the Globe

Thursday 11 June, 8pm, €15

David Moore -  Astronomy Ireland

An Introduction to the Night Sky

Ireland's best known astronomer, David Moore explores the universe. We start at the Sun, its family of planets, asteroids and comets, looking at where life might exist in our Solar system.  He then looks out into the wider universe to see where the billions of Earth-like planets are and how the stars and planets came to be.  Black holes, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Big Bang will all be laid bare.David is also the Editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine - the magazine of the world's most popular astronomy society which he founded in 1990.

This talk will especially feature the 'Irish angle' to the explanation of the cosmos - we invented astronomy! And even today we lead the world, nay the universe.  It's a fun, whistle-stop tour of everything is existence. A fascinating evening that will leave you wanting to know more. 

Wednesday 24 June, 8pm, €25

Brendan Shine

Brendan Shine celebrates his 50th Anniversary with a summer tour of Ireland playing all of his favourite and best known songs. 

Brendan has released over 50 albums and has had 45 hit single in a glittering career that has taken him from his Co Westmeath home to every major concert hall the world over.  His hit singles include: O’Brien Has No Place To Go, Where The Three Counties Meet, Abbeyshrule, All My Roads Lead Back To You, How Much Time and, of course, Do You Want Your Oul Lobby Washed Down which Brendan famously performed for Pope John Paul II on his visit to Ireland.

Even after all of these years Brendan shows no signs of slowing down and will release a new Best Of CD to coincide with his 50th Anniversary Tour of Ireland and the UK.

Thursday 25 June, 8pm, €18/€16 conc.

My Fair Ladies

presented by Patrick Talbot Productions

Celebrating his 80th birthday this year, one of Ireland’s most renowned actors and performers, Des Keogh, gets to fulfil a life-long ambition to play legendary Irish man of letters George Bernard Shaw.

Following the phenomenal world-wide success of his show The Love-Hungry Farmer by John B. Keane, which he also adapted, Des has devised and will perform in a hugely entertaining new play about the many ladies in the extraordinary life of one of the greatest playwrights of all time.  

Author of Pygmalion, which became the smash-hit film My Fair Lady, Shaw shares anecdotes about the loves of his life, who included leading actresses of his day like Mrs Pat Campbell and Ellen Terry, and elaborates on his forthright views on marriage and celibacy.  
Des Keogh has just completed two sell-out runs of the acclaimed revival of Moll by John B. Keane at the Gaiety Theatre Dublin. In 2014 he appeared in the world-premiere production of Dreamland by Jim Nolan, for which he was recently nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award.

Produced and directed by Patrick Talbot
Set Design by Jim Queally
Lighting Design by Moyra D’Arcy

Wednesday 1 July - Monday 31 August, free of charge

Summer Open Submission Exhibition

glór is delighted to invite submissions from artists, both established and emerging, who are resident in, or from, Co. Clare.  The deadline for entries is Thursday 2 April 2015.

The exhibition will be selected by an independent curator and decisions are final.  A curator’s award of €500 will also be awarded.

For more information and an application form, please click here.

Thursday 2 July, 8pm, €25

A Bit On The Sunny Side

They're back!!! Yes, Ireland's most dysfunctional couple, the Murphys, are at it again!

Join Bridie, Willie, Cynthia and Dick in sunny Spain for another hilarious comedy farce! After the massive success of their first play "A Bit On The Side", Conal Gallen and his son, Rory, have once again come up with a comedy masterpiece! A Bit On The Sunny Side sees our four hapless holidaymakers stumble unwittingly from one crisis to another! With their last show having sold over 75,000 tickets, this is one that is definitely not to be missed! It's pure fun, laughter and craic from start to finish!

Early booking is VERY strongly advised!
Age recommendation 16+

Monday 6 - Friday 10 July, 10am - 3pm daily, 1 child €90 / 2 Siblings €160 / 3 Siblings €220


for 4 -13 year olds

Since 2007, STARCAMP Summer camps have been offering children an absolutely outstanding not-to-be-missed week that will make a difference to their lives.  STARCAMP’s core ethos is building children’s self esteem & confidence.  We fully understand and appreciate the difference in each amazing child and we want to bring out the best in each one for who they are. We offer endless enjoyment, encouragement and fun in a safe and nurturing environment. We offer exceptional, new and diverse opportunities to our students each year. STARCAMP summer camp children have appeared on numerous shows such as Elev8, Sattitude, The Den, Ireland AM, The Late Late Toy Show, have met with Jedward and Westlife, have sang with Hometown, Ryan Tubridy, Bosco, Zig and Zag and Dustin and have released singles into the charts!  STARCAMP has won numerous awards and successfully secured backing on Dragons’ Den.

Open to all boys & girls aged 4-13 of all levels and abilities with a New Advanced Programme for 9-13 year olds. Whether the shy and less confident type or born for the stage we have something for everyone.

Garda Vetted, qualified or trainee teachers, music professionals, choreographers and drama coaches are amongst Starcamp’s talented instructors.  There will be a short Friday Showcase at collection time where all children will get to sing and dance!

Booking directly with STARCAMP at www.starcamp.ie and you are automatically in the draw for a wonderful family break.  Installment payment options also available - call the STARCAMP office on 021 4377900 to discuss options.

Every child receives a STARCAMP t-shirt, a STARCAMP wristband and a special star award!

Monday 13 - Friday 17 July, 11am - 1pm (Ages 9+),
Monday 13 - Friday 17 July, 2pm - 4pm (Ages 6-8), €95/€85 for 2 or more children from same family

Ballet Ireland’s 15th Annual Summer School

Let’s Make a Ballet

Drawing on inspiration from the original tale, The Frog Prince (Brothers Grimm) this year’s participants will have an unforgettable time creating a ballet with professional dancers from Ballet Ireland.  

Each session begins with class on stage with the dancers. Summer school participants become part of the creative process, helping to devise the choreography, create sets and costumes. Our hugely popular summer school, gives aspiring performers a taste for all that goes into making a ballet and a peak into the life of a professional dancer.  Together with the dancers, the young performers play an important role in the creation of their own full length ballet which is performed on stage at the end of the week for family and friends to come and enjoy. 

The programme is suitable for ages 6+ with or without dance training. Participants are divided into groups, with the seniors in the morning (11am-1pm) and juniors in the afternoon (2-4pm). The senior participants are needed all day on Thursday and Friday, while the juniors attend both morning and afternoon session on Friday.

Monday 13 - Friday 17 July, 10am - 2pm daily, €80 per child

Actors and Reactors Speech & Drama Summer Camp

for 4 - 11 year olds

Engage your child's imagination this summer with an action packed week of Creative Drama, Arts & Crafts, Puppetry, Mime, Music, Dance, Library Visits and lots of Fun!
Suitable for children age 4-11 years.

For more information visit www.actorsandreactors.com.

Booking is directly with Aoihin Garrihy on 086 0645454 or info@actorsandreactors.com

Monday 27 - Friday 31 July, 10am - 1pm daily or 2pm - 5pm daily, €80

Brick Flicks Stop Motion Summer Workshops

Suitable for 8-12 year olds

Set sail on a pirate adventure with your favourite minifigure. Hoist the flag, sail the seven seas and discover hidden treasure.

Experienced tutors will share tips and techniques on set building, filming, editing and creating soundscapes. The workshop is focused on hands on learning so all participants will work in small groups and receive a certificate of participation and an online copy of their movie. All materials are supplied including our mobile film studio kit of iPads so all you need to bring is your favourite Lego character.

Early booking advised.

Monday 17 - Friday 21 August, 9.30am - 1pm daily, €85

Colmac Robotics: Junior Learn Robotics

for ages 7-10 years

Children will work in pairs under supervision, with a robotics kit and a laptop running NXT software. A different topic will be introduced each day and a competition element will be present throughout the week. The Learn Robotics Camps will focus on the use of the LEGO Mindstorm robotics kits. Pupils will work in teams of two and with one Mindstorm robot and laptop between them so everyone is guaranteed a “hands on” experience. Tasks will be based on various robotic competitions and challenges. The tutors all come from a teaching/engineering/IT background and many are experienced international winners and judges of the FIRST LEGO League. Numbers are limited to ensure an exciting, interactive and educational experience.

Please bring a healthy lunch and a bottle of water.
Please note that children must be signed in and out of camp each day by their caregiver, and it is important that children arrive on time and are collected each day.

Workshops are €85 per participant and can be booked directly at http://colmac.ie/workshops/


Monday 17 - Friday 21 August, 1.30pm - 5.30pm daily, €100

Colmac Robotics: Learn Robotics

for ages 10-13 years

The Learn Robotics Camps for 10-13 year olds will focus on the use of the LEGO Mindstorm robotics kits. Pupils will work in teams of two and with one Mindstorm robot and laptop between them so everyone is guaranteed a “hands on” experience. Pupils will be introduced to gear systems and mechanisms, flow chart programming, sensors and engage in problem solving tasks. Various tasks and challenges will be set throughout the week with a competition element each day.The tutors all come from a teaching/engineering/IT background and many are experienced international winners and judges of the FIRST LEGO League. Numbers are limited to ensure an exciting, interactive and educational experience.

Please bring a healthy lunch and a bottle of water.
Please note that children must be signed in and out of camp each day by their caregiver, and it is important that children arrive on time and are collected each day.

Workshops are €100 per participant and can be booked directly at http://colmac.ie/workshops/


Wednesday 26 August, 8pm, €45

John Prine

“He’s so good, we’re gonna have to break his fingers” Kris Kristofferson

“Beautiful songs… Nobody but Prine could write like that.” Bob Dylan

Some four decades since his remarkable debut, John Prine has stayed at the top of his game, both as a performer and songwriter. Honored at the Library of Congress by US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, he’s been elevated from the annals of songwriters into the realm of bonafide American treasures. 

Check out the music of John Prine here.

Long considered a “songwriter’s songwriter,” John Prine is a rare talent who writes the songs other songwriters would sell their souls for. Evidence of this is the long list of songwriters who have recorded gems from his extensive catalog, including Johnny Cash, Bonnie Raitt, the Everly Brothers, John Denver, Kris Kristofferson, Carly Simon, Ben Harper, Joan Baez, and many others.

Early booking advised.  Tickets go on sale Friday 24th April.

Saturday 10 October, 8pm, €20

MÓRglór Award Night 2015

celebrating Eoin O'Neill

The recipient of this year's award for Outstanding Contribution to Traditional Music in County Clare, is Eoin O'Neill.  The award will be presented to Eoin during this star-studded concert.

The prestigious annual award, named after Clare’s cultural ambassador and visionary, Muiris Ó Rocháin, is sponsored by glór and developed in partnership with Dr. Tim Collins who is an adviser to glór and coordinated the original concert in 2013.

The full concert line up will be announced in due course.  More information on MÓRglór can be found here.

Friday 30 October, 8pm, €25/€22.50 conc.

Bell X1

Following on from the recent addition to the Ed Sheeran Croke Park line-up this summer, Bell X1, Dave Geraghty, Paul Noonan and Dominic Phillips, are undertaking a very special acoustic tour for October.

Paul, Dave & Dom have been busy in the studio recording their 7th album. This will be the follow up to 2013’s much acclaimed ‘Chop Chop,’ which was their third Number 1, and their fourth consecutive album to be nominated for a Choice prize.  Much of this tour finds them returning to some of Ireland’s most cherished music venues plus they have added a few new special stops. The acoustic shows will feature new songs along with favourites from their much-loved catalogue.

Bell X1 embarked on their first acoustic tour in 2008 and over the last seven years through these stripped back performances; they’ve shown off a different, more intimate side. Previous acoustic tours have sold out well in advance so please act quickly if you would like tickets.

Tickets go on sale Friday April 24th. Early booking advised.

Sunday 22 November, 8pm, €30

Keith Barry - Out of Control

Keith Barry returns with brand new show "Out of Control".

Early booking strongly advised.

Please note that under 12's must be accompanied by an adult.