What's On

Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 July, €10 per day

Aerial Workshops with Outside the Box Circus

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Aerial workshops for children and adults, where participants will have the opportunity to explore and learn aerial and acrobatic circus skills.

11am - 12.30pm: Ages 5- 9
1.30pm - 3pm: Ages 10 -13
3.30pm - 5pm: Ages 13+

Please note that workshops are 90 minutes in duration

Tuesday 4 July, 12.30pm - 1.30pm, €10

Balloon Modelling Workshop with Deirdre Carmody

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Have lots of laughs making fun balloon creations such as balloon fish, ducks, penguins, flowers, swords and more.

Friday 7 July, 10am - 5pm (with 1 hour break), €80 (includes entry to Puppet film at 7pm on same day)

The Language of Things: Master Class for Puppeteers

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

With Chris Green from New York

The Language of Things is an intensive master class for puppeteers, choreographers, actors, performance artists, media practitioners, animators and creative people of all experience levels who are interested in the narrative and non-narrative possibilities of material-based storytelling.
Chris Green has more than 25 years of combined experience in the world of professional puppetry, material theatre, and kinetic design. Through his master classes, he will try to develop a visual vernacular that communicates across linguistic, political, and cultural boundaries.

Friday 7 July, 7pm, €10

Puppet – A Film by David Soll

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Ireland Premiere followed by Q&A with David Soll

Dir: David Soll  |  America  |  2010  |  74 Mins  |  Cert: 12

Puppet is a fascinating study of American puppetry’s fraught history, from its marginalisation as children’s theatre to its sudden explosion in popularity as high art.

David Soll’s film tracks the making of New York puppeteer Dan Hurlin’s production Disfamer, based on the life of eccentric, Depression-era Arkansas photographer, Mike Disfarmer whose stunning body of work was very nearly lost forever.

Puppet from David Soll on Vimeo.

Saturday 8 July, 11am in ther glór café, Free event

Festival Breakfast Club

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

The Festival Breakfast Club will bring artists and audiences together to discuss and explore aspects of this year’s Ennis Street Arts Festival’s theme - Culture and Identity. This event will be hosted by Mistress of Ceremonies and Festival artist, Áine Phillips.

Tea & Coffee provided.

Saturday 8 July, 12pm - 5pm, Free of charge

Game Over by Ana Colomer

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Game Over is an interactive art installation by Ana Colomer and Coder Dojo Ennis.

It is a game at development stage that invites the player to become part of the so called refugee crisis, trying to survive a journey with multiple obstacles and levels. The player starts in Aleppo, where it’s raining bombs, goes through a raging sea, runs from police with batons along a barbed wire fence, and navigates obstacles.  Chances of survival are minimal.

Saturday 8 July, 2pm & 5pm, €10/€35 (Family 4)

Caterpillars, presented by Kallo Collective (Finland)

as part of Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Ireland Premiere

For ages 4+ |  Duration: 45 Mins

Caterpillars is a magical show featuring a swaying sea of bright giant flowers, flitting butterflies, jumping eggs and two enormous plump caterpillars. In direct contrast to the vibrant fantasy world, two lycra-clad puppeteers try their hardest to remain invisible and at service to their puppets. Unfortunately they aren’t very good and they are often caught out in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Caterpillars is an amusing and colourful show accessible to all.

Sunday 9 July at La Vita Hair & Beauty Salon, 71, O’Connell Street, Ennis, 3pm & 4.30pm, €15

In Good Hands

presented by glór in association with Ennis Street Arts Festival 2017

Take a seat, would you like a cup of tea, a magazine while you're waiting? Don't worry - you're In Good Hands, a small hair salon on the Ennis Road in Ballybracken where people come for the cut and stay for the chats.

Performed in a working hair-salon, we invite you to join hairdresser Julie and her chatty client Lisa for a 60-minute interactive appointment of original songs and stories celebrating everyday intimacy, loneliness and our human need to connect.