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Wednesday 3 - Saturday 27 February, 10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, free of charge

RIVERINE: 9 Stories of the Gambia

An exhibition of work by Maurice Gunning & Alice McDowell

With the support of the Simon Cumbers Media Fund, Maurice Gunning and Alice McDowell travelled to The Gambia in early 2015 to create RIVERINE: 9 Stories from The Gambia. glór is delighted to present this remarkable and stunning exhibition upstairs in glór gallery during the month of February.

A quiet, yet powerful revolutionary movement is underway throughout this small African nation - to protect and nurture female health and sexuality across the country.

In a series of intimate photographic portraits, the exhibition explores the physical and internal landscapes of nine women: utilising interviews and ambient recording from their homes in The Gambia. These women have made the life-changing decision to abandon the traditional practice of female circumcision. However, as custodians of the tradition, their actions to cease this practice have not always been embraced by their communities: as female circumcision is widely regarded as a religious and cultural obligation.

Through dialogue and advocacy with religious scholars and the district chiefs of the villages which stretch from the Upper River Region of The Gambia to its meeting with the Atlantic, local organisations have begun to eradicate this practice from the country. The nine women and their stories presented here, illustrate how combining the elements of custom and tradition with education and knowledge, great change can come about for a country and its people. All nine women are forging a new life and livelihood for themselves, and most importantly, a new future for women in The Gambia.

Maurice Gunning is the photographer in residence at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.
Alice McDowell is a documentary film-maker working with the Galway Film Centre.

Thursday 18th February, 8.30pm, Free of Charge

Artist Talk

Maurice Gunning and Alice McDowell

This is a Glór Friends event
Friday 4th of March, 10am, € 5

My Books Are My Friends

with Sarah Keating


In this session Sara Keating , cultural journalist , avid reader and advocate for children’s reading, will talk to librarians and parents / carers about reading and the very young.  Once a  baby can focus on colours and shapes, books become lifelong friends and this session aimed at the grown ups in children’s reading lives, will offer hints and tips for the little beginner, the reluctant and the potential tiny authors among us.  So come along for a session on young children and reading as part of Leamh in association with the Ennis Book Club Festival